Exercises To Avoid

Hello, Bandwagon! Here I come to hop onto you for clicks.

Articles abound regarding exercises you should never do at the gym, because they’re, like, bad, and stuff. And this is another, because I only have your best interests at heart. I want you to be functional. And primal. And only do natural movements. And don’t forget be functional.

If you do any of these things, you’re totally dysfunctional. You’re… douchefunctional.


I know you want to walk in the gym, but you never should. This is because you want to walk over to that pretty little thing and start doing some unsolicited mansplaining to her about how she can better optimize her lifting technique. This is also known as douche waltzing, where you waltz on over and start acting like a douchebag by telling her the “right” way to exercise, because surely she could never figure this stuff out without your Y chromosome begotten wisdom to assist her.

Read More Here :

Exercises To Avoid – AskMen.


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