Be A Coffee Detective! Find Out If A Restaurant Knows Its Coffee

You’re not entirely sure why you love coffee, but you do. Everywhere you go, you order coffee. But in many places that serve it, it doesn’t taste good. So to prevent yourself from spending money on bad coffee, take note of these “coffee crimes.”

Coffee Crime #1: Sitting pots

Coffeemakers are a wonderful invention. Elegantly designed, the underpowered plastic machine flash-heats water, shuttles it to an internal shower screen, then lets it drip onto the coffee. But there is one misfit to the entire machine: the heating pan at the bottom of the carafe.

The heating pan can keep the coffee hot from five minutes to five hours, so some establishments just let the coffee sit there. But if coffee is left on it for a long time, it would taste so sour it would make you cringe. The dissolved sweet acids (like those in apples) would’ve had degraded to flatness.

So in a restaurant, if you spot coffee sitting in a pot on a heating pan, you can bet the coffee has been there for some time already, so it doesn’t taste good. Coffee is meant to be brewed and consumed fresh, as apples are best freshly sliced.

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