How to Cook Veggies Indian-Style

I’m from the South, so you can imagine the types of foods I grew up eating – chicken, biscuits, macaroni, butter on everything, and if I was lucky, green beans and peas. It’s funny to look back on the way I used to eat as a child and then look at what I eat now. Typically, I stick to foods like smoothies, salads, soups, and roasted or raw vegetables, but occasionally, I like to add some flair with Indian cooking. Not many people around here cook their veggies Indian-style, my family included. They still don’t understand why our sinks have an orange tinge from all the turmeric tea I make!

Despite where I live or where you live, cooking veggies Indian-style is not only the perfect way to get out of a veggie rut, but it can also give you some extra nutrition and culinary skills. Indian spices are full of health benefits, not to mention, they have an incredible smell and taste. Cooking Indian-style also offers a nice change of pace to more traditional methods like baking, broiling, or steaming like we tend to use here in America.

To get started, try some things that worked for me when I first learned to cook veggies Indian-style. If these tips can work for this Southern gal, I promise they’ll work for you too!

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How to Cook Veggies Indian-Style | One Green Planet.

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