The Ultimate Guide for Cooking Perfect Beans

Beans are some of the most amazing foods we can eat. They are healthy, filling, packed with protein and a hearty addition to many dishes. Beans are economical and a great value for your money especially if you buy dried beans. They are convenient, easy to cook and easy to store. Beans are highly versatile and can be used for spreads, stews, soups, entrees, sides and desserts. Talk about variety – there are many types of beans, each with its own taste and texture – adzuki, black, black-eyed peas, cannellini, fava, garbanzo, kidney, navy, pinto, and soy to name just a few.

While canned beans are convenient (I always keep a few cans of my favorite beans on hand), cooking dried beans is optimal. Many canned beans contain sodium and preservatives and fresh beans are not only healthier, they taste amazingly better. If you find the idea of cooking beans from scratch intimidating because of the soaking and the time it takes, read on. It’s not as hard as you might think. Learn all the tips and tricks in this ultimate guide to cooking perfect beans.

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The Ultimate Guide for Cooking Perfect Beans | One Green Planet.


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