5 (or More) Ways You Can Reuse Food Packaging in Your Garden

Wow! What a group of concerned citizens, food warriors and green advocates we are, following links to learn not just how to deal with food packaging in a more ecologically responsible way but also how to do so in the garden, presumably growing our own food. Aren’t we all just amazing and deserving of pats on the back, even before we begin here? Take a moment before scrolling and do just that!

Now, enough self-love, it’s time to get down to work, get our hands dirty and use our supermarket garbage for growing downhome, whole food. We’ll be making mulched up garden beds. We’ll be making plant pots and seedling starters. We’ll be getting vertical with hanging gardens, and we’ll be going below the surface with irrigation.

The obvious best choice is to avoid food packaging when possible, but these days, it just seems to happen. Here are some great gardening tips for when it does.

Read More Here :

5 (or More) Ways You Can Reuse Food Packaging in Your Garden | One Green Planet.


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