The Effects of Too Much Animal Protein on Our Liver

Protein-rich diets are incredibly popular even for those that aren’t on calorie-restricted, bodybuilding, or athletic diets. We know that protein is easy to get enough of, but most of us still love hearing how to get more of the important macronutrient we hear so much about within each of our meals. And we should be sure we get enough protein; it improves our mood, nervous system function, strength, energy, and yes, can help us preserve muscles and improve our metabolism. Protein shouldn’t be forgotten about, but it should be regulated in terms of where we’re getting it from.

It’s interesting to note that all plant-based foods contain amino acids and protein, even if in small amounts. Though most don’t rival the high amount of a steak or burger, some actually do (or have more), and come with no cancer and diabetes risks but instead, a variety of health benefits such as antioxidants and nutrients that prevent disease versus cause it. Proteins from plants can help build lean muscle, preserve muscle mass, enhance the metabolism, and satiate us just like animal protein.

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The Effects of Too Much Animal Protein on Our Liver | One Green Planet.


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