Tips for Cleaning Up Your Processed Food Diet

Hardly any of us grew up eating a clean diet free of processed foods. In fact, many of us probably eating the exact opposite: the Standard American Diet (SAD). It seems much easier to just go to the store, pick up some chips, cookies, crackers, white bread, ice cream and soda, or just zip through the drive-thru on your lunch break or when you’re too tired after work to cook. We all have different reasons for turning to convenient, less-than-stellar meal options, which essentially leads us to live off processed foods somehow or another. Sure, we hear and know they’re not the best for us, but when it comes down to convenience and tradition, it just seems easier to take the quick route out. This is especially true when you’re first starting out eating a cleaner diet or you become interested in doing so.

But we have to start making a cultural shift away from processed foods. Our country is facing more types of disease than ever before, and the processed food industry is just as booming as ever. We’ve seen great progress in the real food, whole foods movement, along with more plant-based product options out there, but we still have room to grow. Our goal here at One Green Planet isn’t to just show you how to eat more plant-based, but to also inspire you to eat in a more sustainable, whole foods way.

So, if you’re just starting out and trying to shift away from processed foods into a more whole foods diet, here are some simple tips we think will help you out. Remember, we’re all in this together. So let’s get real with our food, shall we?

Read More Here:

Tips for Cleaning Up Your Processed Food Diet | One Green Planet.


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