How Sweet It Is: Enjoying the Fruits of Spring

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to enjoy all the colorful fruits that come into season. Sure, we know that with modern technology we can eat any fruit we want all year round but there is something special about eating foods when they are in their peak season. Purchasing and eating local foods in season have numerous benefits. Seasonal foods travel much shorter distances to get to our markets. That means they are fresher and healthier when we buy them and less likely to contain preservatives and other chemicals to make them look fresher than they are. It’s easier to grow foods in their proper season so seasonal foods are more affordable. Studies have also shown that some crops contain more nutrients when grown in season. Finally, seasonal food just tastes better. They ripen naturally and taste the way nature intended. Experience for yourself just how sweet it is by enjoying the fruits of spring.

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How Sweet It Is: Enjoying the Fruits of Spring | One Green Planet.


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