James Bond style: how to dress like 007


When it comes to stylish fictional heroes, none comes close to James Bond. The spy with the licence to kill is everything men want to be: He’s handsome, intelligent, knows his liquor and is a crack shot with a Walther PPK.

On top of that, he gets to speed around in an Aston Martin, sleep with beautiful women and save the free world. What’s not to love?

Which is why there’s a whole online world dedicated to teaching men how to imitate their favourite spy. Some of the Bondophiles border on the obsessional.

One member of the forum attached to the popular James Bond Lifestyle site gets down to discussing the number of eyelets on 007s’ shoes:

“Interestingly the current range of Diplomat and Chetwynd shoes have 6 pairs of eyelets (holes for the laces) while the Brosnan ones have five, so if you really want the same, you would need to find vintage pairs from the nineties.”

Read More Here :James Bond style: how to dress like 007.

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