How to Get Your Kids to Love Real, Fresh Food

Kids tend to get inundated with the temptations of junk food nearly everywhere they go – in school lunch lines and vending machines, at home during television commercials, and maybe even at special events and parties. It can be tough to make your little one happy during meal time when you’re serving real, fresh foods like salad, whole grain pasta with veggies, or steamed greens and grains.

Blending veggies into pasta sauce or baking fruits into homemade pies is an easy way to increase your child’s produce intake, but it doesn’t teach them much about the importance of adopting a healthy diet full of real, fresh foods. With the right communication, education, and experimentation put into place, your little one is sure to fall in love with healthy whole foods and make better nutritional choices as they grow older.

Here are a few surefire ways to get the young ones in your life to enjoy choosing fresh fruits and veggies:

More Here :How to Get Your Kids to Love Real, Fresh Food | One Green Planet.


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