10 High Protein Smoothie Recipes With Absolutely No Dairy

Nothing beats starting the day off with a smoothie brimming with fresh, ripe ingredients. You can feel the boost of energy that the greens, fruits and superfoods give your body practically from the moment the first hit makes it past the straw. Easy, clean and packed with vital nutrients, smoothies make meal-time a breeze.

But are they high enough in protein? Will they stick to your ribs throughout the morning and give your body a big enough dose of the macro nutrient for proper nutrition if you don’t toss a heaping helping of whey powder in there? Absolutely! Plant-based smoothies can be rich sources of protein with the addition of vegan protein powders (made with things like brown rice, hemp or pea protein), spirulina, chia seeds and even nuts.

Plus, when you rely on plant-based sources for your protein kick, valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants come along for the ride too. So, what are you waiting for? Give one of these a whirl…in your blender…because they’re-you get the idea.

More here:

10 High Protein Smoothie Recipes With Absolutely No Dairy | One Green Planet.


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