Genius – Clean Your Dishes Without Using Chemicals

The grease inner walls of your dishes can be removed with the help of an ordinary tea bag.

The dishes, in which you are preparing food for you and your children, can be cleaned without chemicals. In this article we will show you how.

Pans of various materials are indispensable in the preparation of food. Some are used very often, but sometimes in preparing a meal you use more than one dish. It’s no wonder that very quickly there is build up a thick layer of grease on the bottom and on the sides of the dish. Also on metal dishes sometimes can appear rust.

Chemical methods for removing these problems are not always efficient enough. Even though they are strong, sometimes they don’t give the desired results. When you are using chemical you must wear gloves and also you have to deal with unbearable stench that can cause you allergy.

To avoid all of this we give you a simple and a quick way to clean your dishes without using any chemicals.

More Here : Genius – Clean Your Dishes Without Using Chemicals | Your Stylish Life.


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