Here’s How You Can Cut Your Risk of Memory Loss the Natural Way

Several years ago, if we wanted to protect our brains and memory, we might have sat down to a piece of salmon, a bowl of tuna, and possibly a side of shrimp too. We were once told fish and other animals promoted long-term brain and even heart health. The thought was that omega 3 fatty acids fish contain were the best source to protect the brain, aid in neurotransmitter function, and prevent heart disease as a side bonus.

But things have changed. No longer do medical doctors idealize fish and other animal foods as a way to protect the body and mind. Many now even advise against them. Fish isn’t a health prescription, due to the heavy metals, toxins, and environmental damage its production creates. Sure, fish has omega 3′s, but better sources include chia, hemp, flax, greens, and even sea algae (where fish get their omega fatty acids to start with).

Alzheimer’s disease has been a mind-blowing medical condition that’s baffled health professionals for years, at least until last year. Studies from 2013 show that a plant-based diet actually reduces the chance of getting Alzheimer’s, and even reverses some of memory loss.

via Here’s How You Can Cut Your Risk of Memory Loss the Natural Way | One Green Planet.


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