7 Body Positions and Gestures That Can Improve Your Productivity


Take a minute to consider what your body is doing right at this moment. Are your legs crossed or stretched out? Are you smiling? Is your back hunched? Where are you resting your elbows? Are you looking at the screen with a dazed appearance on your face?

Whether you’re aware or not, everything the body does will communicate something to the brain and to those around you. Although a few bodily gestures might send more obvious messages than other ones, even the most subtle positions may affect your mood and impression you make on friends, clients, and colleagues. Therefore, if you already are sending messages with your body all the time anyway, why not leverage body language to your advantage?

Even though most individuals understand how to influence other people with body language (yawning while in a meeting informs other people that you are bored; wimpy handshake will imply weakness; lack of eye contact will make you feel untrustworthy), fewer individuals are aware of how to utilize body language to influence their productivity level, their careers, or themselves.

Your physical movements may influence and shape your moods and thoughts, according to a theory referred to as ’embodied cognition’. By taking a minute to change your expression or posture, you may affect the way you feel; therefore the way in which you work.

Read More Here : 7 Body Positions and Gestures That Can Improve Your Productivity | Inc.com.

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