A way better investment than gold in 2014? Coffee

America’s favorite energy source, crude oil, has had a rough year, with prices by the barrel falling off a cliff. But the nation’s second favorite energy source — sweet, sweet coffee — has seen prices jump and futures jolt about 50 percent this year, making it the best-performing commodity of 2014.

Droughts that hit coffee belts and cattle ranches sent the price of beans and beef soaring: Bad news for drinkers and diners but great news for investors, according to data from financial-visualization service FinViz. (The benchmark contract for a heaping of coffee –37,500 pounds of Arabica beans – traded for about $1.68 a pound on Wednesday, up from about $1.20 at the start of the year, according to data from ICE Futures U.S., a commodity exchange.)

For futures traders, coffee was a better bet than gold, silver or platinum — and far more energizing than crude, heating oil and natural gas, which rounded out the three worst-performing commodities of the year.

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A way better investment than gold in 2014? Coffee – The Washington Post.


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