7 Ways to Make Grain-Free Wraps and Tortillas

If you think it’s hard to find wraps and tortilla products that are not only gluten-free but vegan as well, it’s even harder to find ones that are vegan and grain-free. It’s as if every brand of grain-free products puts extra eggs in to make up for the grains. Eating a grain-free diet means eliminating all grains including wheat, rice, corn, millet, barley and oats. Technically, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat are not grains but some people eating a grain-free diet avoid these as well. If you are following a grain-free diet or just trying to cut back on the amount of grains you eat, you might think that making wraps or tortillas is out of the question for you. Well, hold on because it is entirely possible to make grain-free and vegan wraps and tortillas. You have more options than you might have thought. Flour doesn’t have to be made of grains; it can be made from nuts, legumes and other foods. Or you don’t have to use flour at all. Here are some alternatives to grain-based wraps and tortillas that you can start enjoying today.

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7 Ways to Make Grain-Free Wraps and Tortillas | One Green Planet.


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