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There are numerous veins in our bodies. These veins are the blood vessels that carry blood to our hearts. Veins are therefore, very important for blood circulation. Now imagine a pipe that carries water towards the tap of your kitchen or bathroom. What happens when the pipe is not straight and gets twisted at places or when the structure of pipe is not smooth and there are bumps and weak areas in the pipe. The water will exert pressure on the pipe’s weak areas, at the twists of the pipe etc. and because the fluid cannot be pushed through, water will remain trapped at that place. Also, the pressure and flow of the water coming out of the tap will get badly affected. This is just similar to the condition of varicose veins. The swollen, enlarged and twisted veins are not able to deliver smooth blood flow towards heart and blood gets pooled in the veins. Varicose veins can be understood as twisted, enlarged veins on skin, most commonly found in legs and ankles. Weakened valves and veins cause varicose veins. And what causes weakened veins? Being overweight, pregnancy, standing or sitting for long hours lead to weakening of veins. While sometimes varicose veins may indicate blockage in your deeper veins called deep vein thrombosis, most of the times it is not that serious and can be cured with certain home remedies, diet and proper habits of sitting and standing along with exercising.

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via Green Yatra Blog Top 12 Home Herbal Remedies for Varicose Veins – Green Yatra Blog.


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