Bee Wax Uses You Probably Don’t Know

I first came to know about bee wax or beeswax from beeswax candles which burn longer and cleaner than ordinary wax candles. These naturally scented candles made by the bees may seem to be more costly than paraffin candles, but they burn so much more slowly that any price difference is nullified. They also do not drip excessively and are the only fuel to emit negative ions during burning, invigorating the body and cleaning the air of positive ions such as dust, odors, toxins, mold, viruses that are especially harmful to those who suffer from environmental allergies. Later I realize that there are actually plentiful products that are made from bee wax, such as soap, skin care products, the coatings of sweets and pills, crayons, candles, and floor and furniture polish.

via Bee Wax Uses You Probably Don’t Know.


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